3 Guys Optical Center: An Eyewear Retailer With Vision

The first thing you notice when you walk into 3 Guys Optical Center on Fifth Avenue is all the color. There’s the bright yellow of the walls, the firetruck red of the rails lining the stairs leading to upstairs offices, and (most strikingly) the flaming orange of the store’s manager hair.


“We’re pretty vibrant, a lot of fun,” said Jamie Kirkavitch, 3 Guys’s downtown store manager. “There’s always rockin’ music going on. You can get coffee, candy, cookies and awesome frames. There are styles you can’t get anywhere else.”


Oh yeah, 3 Guys sells designer glasses. Those colorful walls are made even more eye-catching by the racks of multicolored glasses frames from top brands ranging from Anne Klein to Brooks Brothers to Polo.



Doesn’t every frame in that case look like it’s staring at you, silently screaming, “Pick me! I’ll bring out your eyes!” You get the sense that each frame is suited for someone, wherever they are. They just sit there and wait for the face they were destined to sit on to enter the store.


In addition to matching its customers with their dream frames, 3 Guys also fixes glasses, schedules eye exams with its licensed opticians and offers the 3 Guys famous brand of above-and-beyond customer service.


“We try to live up to their expectations of that,” said Kirkavitch. “We treat people the way we want to be treated.”


3 Guys has always been family-run, though not always by the same family. For over 60 years, your friendly neighborhood opticians operated out of the Clark Building on Liberty Avenue under the name Sosniak Opticians.


Eventually, its owners sold their store to the franchise whisperer Norman Childs. In August 2010, the store moved to Fifth Avenue under the name 3 Guys Optical Center. Since then, 3 Guys has expanded to include locations in Oakland, Adams Township and  on McKnight Road.




Back to the downtown store. It’s a relatively small space, but the color and peppy service makes it feel like you’re in the loft of some Lawrenceville hipster who just happens to be really into eyewear. And he has some pretty important-looking friends.


“We see everyone from CEOs of banks to...everybody,” said Kirkavitch. “We have a pretty fun demographic here. It really goes all over the place.”


She said that baseball players staying in the area love to come over when they lose their contacts or need new sunglasses. Recent World Series champion Pablo Sandoval of the San Francisco Giants even stopped in once to check out some eyewear. (Full disclosure: Kirkavitch called him by his incredibly entertaining nickname, Kung Fu Panda. I had to look that up before I realized she was talking about Sandoval. Sorry Giants fans).


Kirkavitch also brought up a few other celebrities who randomly wandered into 3 Guys, including Neil Young and Alice in Chains bassist Mike Inez. She mentioned that the Vancouver Canucks were currently staying across the street from the store. Point being: Fifth Avenue couldn’t be a better location for attracting diverse and sometimes high-profile clients to check out their eyewear.


In conclusion, as Kirkavitch put it: “3 Guys is awesome.” Kirkavitch sees 3 Guys as a “fun and easygoing” place to update your eye prescription, buy stylish designer frames and take advantage of all the amenities 3 Guys offers its loyal customers.


Vision accomplished.